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Dante Dumas gained a passion for acting very early in life. After playing Martin Luther King in a school play, he set forth to become an actor and never looked back. Growing up in a military family, Dante would delve into the stories of comic
books and television to escape the highs and lows that came with moving from one location to another. He would act out the performances of the characters from his
favorite stories, taking on roles of both hero and villain.

  Dante would soon find inspiration in the form of an actor named Denzel Washington in the early 80s on the hit show St. Elsewhere. Denzel’s career, hard work and determination fueled Dante’s’ dream to one day become a star himself. In high school Dante joined an afterschool production program where he performed in plays and musicals twice a
year, getting his feet wet with both acting and music. Dante trained under Sharon Abrigo for several years as a teen, and while in New York, Dante took interest in live theatre, attending performances of the Scottsboro Boys, Ma Rainy’s Black Bottom, The Wiz, Jersey Boys, Cats, Mamma Mia and the Crucible to name a few. All of which furthered his passion to become an actor. Dante moved to Southern California in the late 90s while in the military, and decided to plant roots after the birth of his daughter.

  When he decided to return to acting, he spent a few years
studying improv eventually landing in Carrie Scott’s Rehearsal Room; A cold reading, improv, and showcase class. Dante’s first big gig on Grey’s Anatomy was
a huge inspiration for him. Not only did he realize that he could do what professional actors do every day, he learned from them, that hard work and perseverance make a difference. Dante’s voice is like no other. The boom of his
baritone is a defining feature, but it is his strong work ethic and humbleness that makes Dante stand out in a crowd, although he might tell you its his comedic timing.



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