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Mythodical Joe brings back the old-school hip-hop vibe that was meaningful, powerful, and inviting from his youth. His music covers topics dear to his heart with lyrics both raw and real to life with his debut album “Something to Say” now available across all streaming platforms.

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The Collective
Coming Fall 2024

 Mythodical Joe was born, Dante Dumas, in Frankfurt Germany to a military family, bounced from country to country, state to state, and never really had a place to call home. A weekend trip to NYC in the late 90’s changed that. What began as poetry to impress girls, soon took on another form after putting rhymes to a beat at the lunch table. Joe would spend the next ten years fine-tuning his craft.

  In 2005, Joe won a rap battle hosted by San Diego's 90.3FM. He attracted the attention of some local artists and would go on to join the group HGP (Home Grown Productions) releasing two indie albums, “Rules of The Game Vol 1 & 2, under the pseudonym ‘Small Money.’ He also released a solo album entitled “Two Sides II Every Story” selling 1,000 copies. Discouraged by an unsuccessful sit-down with Capital Records in 2006 he disappeared from the music scene altogether.

  In 2019, after a conversation with his daughter about the current state of hip-hop, Joe took on his new stage name, Mythodical Joe, with the intent to bring back that "old school", meaningful, powerful, and inviting vibe. Covering topics dear to his heart with lyrics both raw and real to life. Joe's voice resonates strength and fortitude and brings a much needed reprieve to the current sound of hip-hop in the music industry.

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